Synergy between products

A comprehensive solution for a fully personalized website

Each merchant wants their customers to have the best experience possible, both in-shop and online.

Proposing a high quality customer experience online means you need to adapt to each customer. That is exactly what Target2Sell proposes.

When combining the Target2Sell modules, you can give each customer a hyper-personalized experience during their full online journey: through the combined use of the different modules, each page will be perfectly adapted to the customer



Match product promotions with marketing messages on your pages to harmonize the online experience of your customer. Example:

Integrate the performance of Recommend and Inspire: Strengthen your campaigns and marketing messages by inserting product recommendations. The products will be selected according to the marketing message and the interests of the customer in order to personalize your customer’s journey even further.



With the Recommend module you can add personalized ‘gondola ends’ to your list pages, which are ranked according to your customers’ interests using the Organize module. Manage easily the products to promote in these spaces:



Enrich your list pages managed by Organize by adding marketing messages adapted to the context of the page and the customer using the Inspire module. Examples:




Stack the odds in your favor by combining the 3 modules to create hyper-personalized list pages

Rank the entirety of the selected category with Organize. You can even insert marketing messages in relation to the context of the page with Inspire and add gondola ends on top of the page with the Recommend module: products to promote according to the category and the customer’s interest.

Mirakl Target2Sell solution is used by more than 500 customersevery milliseconds

Cécile Brin-Target2Sell
Logo Yves Rocher

«Two important points were the trustworthy commercial relationship that has been established during the selection process, and the direct referrals with other clients»

Cécile Brin
Head of Onsite Performance
Amandine Auzemerie bricoprivé
Logo bricoprive

“Target2Sell has seduced us with its transparent, anti-black box approach on AI, its technical expertise as well as its business acumen. It ended to convince us when we saw the wow results: +14% net additional revenue! And this is just the beginning! "

Amandine Auzemerie
Marketing Director
Marianna Quiroz - Target2Sell
Sephora Mx

"We want to deliver the best customer experience through personalized content that simplifies and facilitates the purchasing process for our users."

Marianna Quiroz Blanco
eCommerce Campaign Specialist Sephora Mexique
Témoignage Nuria Garcia - Sprinter
logo sprinter

"We were convinced while discussing with Target2Sell that we had to improve first the way we rank our large set of products within our category pages. Manual & One-for-all sorting was not a perennial solution to grow and avoid tedious manual and human error prone tasks"

Nuria García Reche
Performance Manager / Marketing and Ecommerce
Chiara Castellani

“Personalization is a key element to the Customer Experience we always want to bring to our Digital Natives customers. Results are proving it with over 12% additional revenue per visit!”

Chiara Castellani
Head of e-commerce
Caroline delorme - Galeries Lafayette
logo Galeries Lafayette

“We performed an A/ B test over several weeks to measure the performance and the results were astonishing : up to + 14% conversion rate!”

Caroline Delorme
Digital director

500+ websites

More than 500 leader websites use our products

20 countries

France, Europe, USA

500 millions

500 million recommendations given per month

50 millions

50 million euros per month is assisted income

Target2Sell becomes Mirakl Target2Sell

Target2Sell is now Mirakl Target2Sell. We will continue to help existing and new customers to offer a highly personalized online shopping experience, and in addition will now support marketplace operators to efficiently manage their marketplace discoverability at scale.