Personalized sorting of category pages and search results


Sort your list pages in an optimized way with the exclusive Organize module

Every customer will go through product list pages (category pages and search results) to find what they are looking for on your website. Well sorted pages play a key role in the performance of your site.

70% of revenue is directly linked to the quality of list pages!

After a search or selecting a category on your ecommerce website, your customer will discover your product offerings. By showing the appropriate products on the first list page you will increase your KPIs significantly and it will help your customers find the products they are looking for quicker.

Create personalized sorting of category pages and search results

Organize personalizes category pages and search results by sorting products according to the customer profile, in real time and throughout all your list pages. With the exclusive and patented Target2Sell technology you can sort, without flickering, all result pages associated to a category or a search.

Each customer is different, propose them a list page adapted to their needs

Each customer has a different profile, and different expectations. Propose them real-time personalized product sorting, based on their preferences and buying behavior.

Manage your merchandising manually by applying your business rules

Combine the strength of AI with business rules

The algorithms
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Advanced features to boost your e-commerce performance and help your teams

Organize is certainly the richest solution on the market, designed to adapt to a wide range of use cases, the module brings flexibility and autonomy to e-merchandising teams.

Mirakl Target2Sell is used by more than 500 clients,
every millisecond

Cécile Brin- Yves Rocher
Logo Yves Rocher

«Two important points were the trustworthy commercial relationship that has been established during the selection process, and the direct referrals with other clients»

Céline Brin
Head of Onsite Performance at Yves Rocher and responsible for the call for tenders

«Personalization is a key element to the Customer Experience we always want to bring to our Digital Natives customers. Results are proving it with over 12% additional revenue per visit!»

Chiara Castellani
Ecommerce director

flexible Integration

Designed to adapt the entire offer to the visitor, Organize has been developed to integrate quickly and easily into market solutions such as CMS and search engines.

Indexing engine compatibility

This implementation is also compatible with every indexing and search engine, whether they are commercial or Open Source based solutions.


Propose each customer a hyper-personalized experience by combining Mirakl Target2Sell modules

Mix Organize with complementary e-merchandising modules: Recommend and Inspire.

Personalized product recommendations

Manage all your marketing messages with only one solution

Shopping assistant


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The future of Ecommerce will be omnichannel, mobile-focused, local & personalized !