Omni channel solution

Omni channel means two things: a diversity of terminals (a computer, tablet or smartphone) and a diversity of contact points (store, call centre, email, etc.) The challenge for traders is to recreate a visit by an Omni channel client and obtain a set of extremely rich data in order to provide a coherent, attractive experience for their visitors.

Clients are connected everywhere, at all times. By using all the communication channels available to them, they provide fragmented elements of their global visits: in the mobile app, and then in the computer or store. For this reason, they want to enjoy a coherent experience.

Target2Sell is an Omni channel solution that personalises:

  • all the contents and contact points: websites/mobiles, mobile apps, emails, web-in-store solutions (stands, retail tablets, etc.) and call centre solutions
  • and in all kinds of devices: computers, tablets and mobiles.

Matching in real time

Thanks to a host of potential identification points and the advanced coincidence algorithms, the visitor/client data is included in an extremely rich single visitor profile. Thus, the browsing or purchase data of the visitors in the mobiles or tablets benefits from the other channels, and vice versa.

Personalisation of all the channels

The quality and quantity of visitor data available allows Target2Sell to personalise all the channels with the recommendation strategies adapted to the context of the device used. The Omni channel FROM all channels TO all channels.