My Shopping Assistant offers clients a fully personalised experience! It constitutes an alliance between Declarative and Predictive.

In addition, My Shopping Assistant enables users to identify the required products and add them to their “wishlist” devices! They may interact with mini-surveys that capture the essence of their intention at a given time. All the interactions are considered by Target2sell in order to refine the personalisation process.

Clients can access a hyper-personalised environment in just one click.
Clients can access their wishlist from another device: a smartphone, tablet or a computer.
My Shopping Assistant is very easy to use for the visitors ! Clients can access to My Shopping Assistant without having to identify themselves!

My Shopping Assistant option is very easy to operate! It allows the enhancement of implicit information (left by visitors while browsing) with different types of explicit information:

  • by clicking on a pictogram next to the products (a heart, a thumb, a diamond) and the product is immediately added to the wishlist.
  • after responding to a mini survey the product selection has a direct and intensive focus (e.g., gift engine, purchase assistance, morpho-semantic selection)

These interactions enable the creation of 100% personalised areas where clients can find the products they have selected (wishlist), personalised recommendations, a history of the products viewed, etc.

The options are endless. This personal area is created when the clients makes the first click, offering clients an original and exclusive experience that generates a unique bond with the brand!