Mobile & tablet

In mobile devices, the screens are smaller which reduces the number of products shown. In addition browsing is highly fragmented with shorter sessions and high bounce rates. Visitors move in pop-up windows. The importance of list pages is greater with respect to product pages. Within this context and given that the Mobile First trend is essential for most online sellers, it is necessary to adapt the offer to each client.

The right recommended product at the right time: specificity together with browsing by mobile phone users.
Ranking is essential in mobile devices
My purchasing assistant: dedication and interaction in the disconnected mode are essential in mobility.
40% of all emails are opened from a smartphone and the client’s visit often starts here.


The Target2Sell engine permits the development of a specific marketing campaign depending on the channel. Target2Sell offers specific recommendations to clients based on the channel used and considering the data received from all the channels.

Cross Devices

Target2Sell’s real time matching system Cross Devices allows you to monitor your clients during each of their visits.


The relationship between Target2Sell and the mobile app may be direct or it may be channelled through the trader’s server. For monitoring purposes, Target2Sell is initially installed in most Tag Management solutions (TagCommander, Eulerian, etc.) and in solutions targeted specifically at mobility (Ensighten).