E-mail recommendations

Optimise the efficiency of your relational emails (newsletters), transactional emails (order confirmations) or situational emails (shopping cart abandonment)!

Multiple email exchanges are possible with the client database. These emails are not personalised and have a limited transformation rate.
Target2Sell personalizes all your emails (marketing, transactional, etc.) and directly recommends the most suitable products to the clients.
Thanks to the personalisation, the clients receive only the information that interests them. This results in an increase in the open rate, click rate and transformation rate.
Due to commercial restrictions, the content of the emails is personalised, depending on commercial needs and the context of the email (last stocks margin, etc.)
The Target2Sell engine can be extended to all the email-sending solutions available in the market.
Emailing Partner Solutions

Already integrated with also the following solutions: SaleCycle, Actito & SmartFocus, Experian, Cabestan, Unica, Epsilon ...