Mirakl Target2Sell on all your digital touch points

Mirakl Target2Sell can be integrated on different solutions and personalize all of your digital touch points:

A coherent integration with your ecommerce information system

Merchants’ information systems are an assembly of multiple solutions: Ecommerce CMS, OMS, search engine, A/B testing tool, PSP, CRM, DMP, CDP, Analytics, Tag Management, CMP, PIM, ...

Mirakl Target2Sell is natively designed to adapt to this ecosystem and can be integrated quickly. The Target2Sell APIs let you enrich the different used bricks.

Expert support dedicated to your project

As a merchant, when you choose a solution, it is important to have support you can count on, during the setup and when running the software. Great customer support is incredibly important for Target2Sell: our support team is always available through our ticketing platform and by email and telephone. We will provide support during the full setup phase and propose assistance when needed (support, consultancy, ...).

Our CUSTOMER SUCCESS team proposes proactive performance monitoring to help our customers getting the most out of the solution.


Integration with
leading CMS platforms

Most merchants use one of the leading ecommerce CMS platforms to run their ecommerce website. Target2Sell proposes modules for the main CMS solutions on the market: IBM, SAP Hybris, Salesforce Commerce Cloud, Magento (1&2), Shopify, Oracle … For these modules, the setup of our solutions is extremely quick.


Specific integration

Three elements need to be setup in order to function:

For web, desktop or mobile, Mirakl Target2Sell proposes two integration methods:


To integrate the modules Recommend and Inspire on the front-end, a Javascript call will be added to the page. This setup takes very little time, especially as Target2Sell can be installed via Tag management solutions (GTM, Eulerian, Tag Commander, ...).


For server-side integration, calls will be made to Target2Sell from the server that runs the merchant’s website. This integration allows for more homogeneous charging of the page.

Currently, more than 500 websites use our solutions

From our experience, the setup of Mirakl Target2Sell takes about one or two weeks work. The Target2Sell team will be by your side to guide you through the setup phase.


Mobile app integration

Today, Mobile-first is a given for many e-merchants and merchandising should be adapted according to each device. With shorter web sessions and high bounce rates on mobile devices, it is essential to adapt your offering to each customer.

Target2Sell is easy to integrate on mobile apps. Integration can be done directly or via the merchant’s server. As for tracking, Target2Sell is natively installed on most tag management solutions (TagCommander, Eulerian, etc.) and specialized mobile solutions (Ensighten, ...).


Email integration

With 40% of emails opened on a mobile device, the buyer journey often starts through this marketing channel. Recommend relevant products according to the data coming from all channels in order to be fully coherent with the context of your customers.

Target2Sell proposes multiple integration modes for email solutions such as: Adobe Campaign, Selligent, Splio,...

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Ecommerce agencies:

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Target2Sell becomes Mirakl Target2Sell

Target2Sell is now Mirakl Target2Sell. We will continue to help existing and new customers to offer a highly personalized online shopping experience, and in addition will now support marketplace operators to efficiently manage their marketplace discoverability at scale.