Integration CRM / DMP

In the case of Big Data, many online traders have grasped the strategic importance of gathering their data through CRM and DMP projects. With respect to these initiatives, the focus of Target2sell is total access, integrating the CRM or DMP data to improve the specificity of the engine.

Two-way data exchanges

Target2Sell assimilates and processes large quantities of data in real time: this is its hallmark. All the behavioural, online and store purchase data is added to the visitor/client profile. Taret2Sell considers the CRM or DMP to be a new source of data that is merely integrated through an API. This additional information is then used in many ways:

to enrich the visitor/client profile with business or consumer profile data

to differentiate the engine operation (e.g., change the recommendation strategy for clients who have a loyalty card).

In turn, Target2Sell can export the extremely rich data calculated by the engine: a behavioural analysis of each visitor based on 11 lines with quantile segmentation that enables the establishing of a genuine e-commerce DNA profile for each visitor.