Collaborative AI

Your data at the heart of customer experience

Data forms an essential asset for merchants. It should therefore be at the heart of your personalization strategy

Collaborative AI: The perfect match between data science and merchandising

Each merchant is unique and must develop a merchandising strategy that fits its identity. Online merchandising must be adapted to each customer, which is done through data. Merchants understand the importance of “Data” and they have created teams to analyze and define specific manipulations.

Target2Sell proposes a unique solution that allows data teams to access and modify the resources they need

Our process is collaborative and we will help you getting familiar with this new approach between data and AI, so you can develop and achieve your goals. You could, for example: improve the omnichannel experience, predict purchases, etc...

Get access to detailed, high quality data sets

Target2Sell offers an open and flexible artificial intelligence platform. This will give data teams access to data sets in order to analyze and activate this data. The data from Target2Sell can be combined with other data sources (CRM, DMP, CDP, ...). With this data, your Data Science team can “activate” the data by creating your own segments or specific algorithms, which can be injected in Target2Sell.

A perfect collaboration between data scientists and marketing teams

Our solution has both a Marketing and Data Science approach. Each team can work autonomously towards a common goal: performance while safeguarding the company’s identity. Once the goals are defined, the Data Science teams can start analyzing the data and inject their own algorithms. The Marketing teams can then use these new elements.

Define and manage your specific urgent issues directly

With the Target2Sell tool, Data Science teams can directly inject data and algorithms in the recommendation engine to develop and manage your own use cases.

For example:

Measure and test

You will have access to in-depth reports including the specific performances of your algorithms.

You will have access to the integrated A/B testing tool, which will help you compare different algorithms and strategies, in line with the continuous “Test & Learn” approach.

Real-time API

Collect all data

Transparency Easy Testing

Provision of all your aggregated data

Easy testing

Measure and optimize with AB test

User Stories

Discover the uses of Collaborative AI with our customers

logo Galeries Lafayette

How the unique shopping experience of Galeries Lafayette’s Grands Magasins goes digital thanks to AI with maximization of conversion rate and improved customer satisfaction.

Logo Manutan

Manutan optimizes its B2B bid responses and online sales with Target2Sell’s open Artificial Intelligence solution

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Target2Sell est utilisé par plus de 500 clients, toutes les millisecondes
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“Je cherchais une solution permettant d’adapter l’offre à chaque client.e et compatible avec mon site marchand basé sur Shopify. Target2Sell correspond à mes attentes, la solution permet de mettre en avant des produits adaptés et d’ajuster les pages listes à nos différents clients.”

Margaux Mercadier

Directrice e-commerce

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Target2Sell is used by more than 500 clients, every millisecond

oh my cream logo

“I was looking for a solution to adapt the offer to each customer and compatible with my website based on Shopify. Target2Sell corresponds exactly to my expectations, the solution makes it possible to highlight suitable products and to adjust the list pages to our various customers.”

Margaux Mercadier

Ecommerce director


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Food Retail industry

Discover our use cases suitable to the retail food sector and improve the customer experience with a particular focus on building a personalized experience


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