The future of Ecommerce will be omnichannel, mobile-focused, local & personalized !

Coronavirus crisis has fastened the digitalisation process. All of us, consumers were led to purchase online during the confinement period, when it was often the only way to shop. 

Beyond this particular period, ecommerce keeps on its perpetual revolution: the mobile represents nowadays more than a half of the traffic: we have our smartphones on ourselves everywhere and all the time, and it has become a real life support.

Certainly, the transformation rate on mobile sites is still much lower than on the computer ones, but it is important to stress out that the usage is often not comparable between those two channels: the mobile is, more than the computer, a key element of the omnichannel experience: Customers use their smartphones before going to the store, or even during their in-store visit to check out the products, compare them, seek for additional information.

Another trend is the increasing will to consume locally. There too, the Covid crisis appeared as a warning, to remind us that nothing is eternal, and that the planet can no longer be mistreated. The gap between the behaviour the consumers declare to have and their real purchasing habits is however tremendous. We obviously all want a bright future for our planet, but when it comes to shopping, whenever we are offered a product 5 times cheaper than its organic version, it is hard to resist. Luckily, the mentality still evolves and we approach a tipping point in switching to more sustainable consumption patterns.

In this context, a personalization solution such as Target2Sell becomes a key element of this transformation as customers expect a coherent purchasing experience across all the touchpoints. Let us take for instance a customer checking out the products on his smartphone. Whenever he connects to the same website on his computer, the personalization solution will recall previous session navigation and display recently viewed products on the homepage. It is just one of the examples of how to introduce more consistency in navigation between different channels.

Finally, personalization may encourage your local products marketing strategy by promoting them through your choice or because of the customer’s choice.

Most significantly, the future of ecommerce will be omnichannel, mobile-focused, local and personalized !

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