The Team

François Ziserman

François has extensive experience in the ITC sector. He has created and managed many online editors (Wokup, Medience) and has provided advice in e-commerce for more than 7 years (Araok). In particular he has supported larger groups in their e-commerce strategies (Darty, Alinéa, American Express). He set up Target2Sell in 2012 with Adrien and is its CEO.

Adrien Coutarel

Adrien has worked for more than 6 years for an important editor in the e-commerce sector. This has enabled him to tackle many problems, with the common denominator of improving sales via e-commerce. In particular, he has supported companies such as HP and Asos in connection with their personalised recommendation engines. He created Target2Sell in 2012 with Francois and is the Chief Innovation Officer.

Johan Lambert

Johan obtained a degree from Telecom Sud Paris in 1995 and specialises in the commercial development of high-tech start-ups. He made an important contribution to the international success of many US start-ups such as Kabira Technologies (which later became a member of the Tibco Group), Good Technology, (purchased by BlackBerry) and ROAM (Ingenico Group). He joined Target2sell in 2014 as its Sales VP where he carries out his commercial activity in France and supervises the company’s international launch. In September 2017, Johan became Chief Operation Officer of Target2Sell.

Arnaud Chevalier

Arnaud has a degree in Physics from ESPCI ParisTech and Telecom ParisTech. He specialises in providing support to start-ups in the areas of product development, support, projects and customer relations and has contributed to many successes in the ITC sector in the areas of telecommunications, technical infrastructure or in FinTech – Kabira Technologies, purchased by TIBCO Software, ROAM Data, repurchased by the Ingenico Group, which maintains the Ingenico Mobile Solutions, and Adyen, the leading European FinTech. Arnaud joined Target2Sell in January 2016 as the Customer Success VP. In September 2018, Arnaud became the Chief Marketing Officer of Target2Sell.

Sabrina Dahl

After completing an information systems and telecommunication management course in Hamburg, Sabrina worked for 8 years in Smartfocus.

She occupied the post of key account manager and later became the Specific Developments and Integrations Manager.

She joined Target2sell in February 2015 as its Customer Service Director. In January 2017, Sabrina became VP Clients Services.

Khaled Toudji

Former developer, Khaled evolves very quickly and becomes technical architect, to then take charge of the engineering team of a finetech specialized in direct debit.

He has been specializing in engineering team management for a few years with the aim of building state-of-the-art systems.

Khaled joined Target2sell in January 2018 as VP Engineering.

Caroline Poisson

After completing a Master’s degree in Sales and Marketing at Bishop’s University in Canada, Caroline spent more than 4 years in London in a British start-up that specialised in new technologies. After 4 years gaining a wealth of experience and reencounters, she returned to the hexagon and embarked on a career as a business development/operational marketing consultant. During this new adventure, Caroline helped many groups such as Adobe, IBM, Fredhoper and Bazaarvoice to launch their e-commerce solutions in France. Caroline joined Target2Sell in June 2014 as the Head Marketing & Communication in order to carry out the marketing and communication activities of Target2Sell in France and abroad.