Synergies between the different channels are a fundamental challenge for retailers. The experience of each client must be personalised in terms of the shelf and the store, using data from all the channels. Target2Sell supports many stores in the sector and contributes thanks to its experience in marketing and sales.

Target2Sell enhances the Web-To-Store experience (online reservations, pick-up points…) through personalised recommendations.
Target2Sell adapts to the context of each store: specific price, stock…
Stores are becoming more and more connected and Target2Sell supports traders in this transformation: e.g. stands, points of sale, etc.

CRM/DMP integration

The synchronisation between Target2Sell and CRM or DMP databases allow the enhancement of the data model and specialisation in the recommendations, based on CRM criteria (corporate data, loyalty programmes…) or DMP segments.

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Target2Sell receives the web data and data from the stores of the identified clients. The engine matches the multichannel visits and proposes recommendations that take into account the over behaviour of the clients.

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