Target2Sell® Organize : An exclusive & patented Target2Sell module to personalize the sorting of product lists (pages categories, universe, subcategories, search results …)! Your pages listings will boost your income with this unique module, easy to install for sorting in real time all the products.

Without Target2Sell, the list pages propose the same products in the same order for all visitors. Clients have very few opportunities to find the product they are looking for.
Target2Sell personalises the category and search result pages, classifying the products in accordance with the behaviour of each client, in REAL TIME and for ALL THE PRODUCTS on the list.
The exclusive Target2Sell technology enables a quick set-up. The Ranking is installed in less than a week!
Thanks to the dynamic nano-segmentation, the "ranking" improves without-ceasing. ROI is spectacular!
The Ranking is controlled by the Target2Sell back-office through expert and fully independent staff.

Easy, rapid installation

E-Commerce teams are too busy handling technical and sales operations. There are also considerable operating and seasonal restrictions. A good project is one that is short and with reliable technical restrictions. Target2sell has developed a series of connectors between the most widely disseminated e-commerce platforms to make its integration as simple as possible.

Partners Solution

Already integrated with also the following solutions : Fredhopper, Endeca, Sparkow...