Personalized recommendations

Target2Sell® Recommend, the module for personalized product recommendation – is the first module launched by Target2Sell. Push product recommendations across all your pages and all your digital channels : desktop, mobile, app, kiosks and sales tablet in stores, call centers …

With Target2Sell® Inspire, create an immersive customer experience and personalize all content blocks – banners, videos, sliders …

A visitor sees an average of fifteen products per view. What opportunity does he/she have to see what he/she really wants to buy?
Internet users are becoming more and more demanding. Will they stay in a fixed place?
Target2Sell allows you to offer a unique experience for each user by dynamically adapting all the pages of the e-commerce site! The engine identifies the items of interest to the user in real time, depending on their behaviour on the website.
Our clients bear witness to this; the solution is profitable in a matter of weeks.
The engine learns and improves day by day based on the data in the e-commerce sites.
The Target2Sell engine permanently calculates the products to recommend in the different site areas.
Commercial rules permit the recommendations to be adapted to the business needs (last stocks, sales items, product launches, etc.)
The Target2Sell engine is connected to all the market solutions and to the partners’ tools (Bazaarvoice, Lengow, etc.)

Target2Sell is easy to install:

  • A catalogue flow.
  • A tag equivalent to Google Analytics Tag.
  • A Javascript/REST tool to provide the personalized recommendations.

Target2Sell enables all the site pages to be personalized: home page, product page, shopping cart page but also the “0 results” or “error 404” pages. A different strategy can be defined in all different parts of the page and on in each page on desktop and mobile versions.

Easy, rapid installation

E-commerce teams are too busy handling technical and sales operations. There are considerable operating and seasonal restrictions. A good project is one that is short and with reliable technical restrictions. Target2sell has developed a series of connectors between the most widely disseminated e-commerce platforms to make its integration as simple as possible.