The B2B sector has a series of very specific characteristics, especially in terms of the type of purchase, customer management and prices. Target2Sell has been supporting many important players in the B2B sector for years and has generated unique competence in this sector. The Target2Sell solution takes into consideration all the specific needs of the market and gives the highest ROI!

A specific catalogue

The selection of products and prices must be adapted to the client or client group. Target2Sell performs this advanced catalogue management right from the start.


Marketing on a B2B site must be controlled through specific KPI. The self-learning facet of the Target2Sell engine is based on these KPI in promoting sales through different channels (websites, mobile apps, call centres, agencies, etc.)

Speed and specificity

Purchases here are reasoned and not impulsive. The recommendations must allow clients to gain time and find the articles they need more quickly. The learning of Target2Sell based on the behaviour of each client makes it possible to provide extremely specific recommendations.


The Target2Sell back-office allows professional teams to control the marketing as they want. For instance, by placing products in the front line during sales, last units, seasonal articles, etc.